Welcome to Fundraising for Alfie.  This page has been set up for a very special boy who has already brought a smile to the faces of people that know him, and many that don’t.

He has a very rare condition (that if you would like to know more about, head over to ‘About Alfie‘) that is unfortunately incurable.  Alfie will spend all his life reliant upon others to meet his basic care needs, and although schools and the NHS can provide the basics for Alfie, they cannot provide everything to meet his needs!  This is why fundraising for Alfie exists!

The hope is to buy things for Alfie that will not only enrich his life, but also allow him to achieve things that most of us take for granted, such as walking, or riding a bike, or going out for the day.  All of these things are incredibly difficult for Alfie and without specialist equipment or a team of people on hand, it is sadly something that Alfie cannot achieve.

So please, help as little or as much as you are able, spread the word about Alfie, offer some time to fundraise, or buy the recipe book and lets help this amazing boy to spread his wonderful smile and incredible spirit….and perhaps make his life a little easier at the same time.

Alfie’s mum, Gayle


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About Alfie


Alfie is an amazing little boy. Find out more about Alfie.

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Recipes for Alfie


Buy the ‘Recipes for Alfie’ book and get over 35 recipes from mums and celebrities.

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If you don’t want to purchase the ‘Recipes for Alfie’ book you can make a donation through the website.

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If you have an idea how to raise money for Alfie, we’d love to hear it.

Let us know!